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WSBK weekend in Most

Race-1 of the Czech Round at the Autodrom Most (Czech Republic) gives great emotions to the Aruba.it Racing - Ducati Team thanks to the second place of Scott Redding and the fourth place of Michael Ruben Rinaldi.
Here are the highlights.


P3 - Scott Redding is confident after the P1 in FP3. The first run with Q tires is convincing, and then the English rider pushes harder in the second run: although he is virtually first, he has to abort the lap due to a yellow flag.
Scott doesn't give up and performs a real miracle managing to complete the second lap in third position after having enjoyed the taste of pole position until the third sector.
P8 - Michael Rinaldi has to deal with a tire that he can't make work in the best way. The number 21 closes his Superpole in eighth position having to settle for the third row.

Superpole Results

P1 - J. Rea (Kawasaki) 1'31.684
P2 - T. Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) + 0.067
P3 - S. Redding (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati) + 0.474
P4 - T. Sykes (BMW) + 0.489
P5 - G. Gerloff (Yamaha) + 0.554
P8 - M. Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati) + 0.846


P2 - Scott Redding starts well and on lap 2 he turns the action into a masterpiece overtaking first Rea (Kawasaki) and then Raztgatlioglu (Yamaha) to take the lead. The English rider seems to be able to extend his lead but from lap 14 (after Rea's crash) Razgatlioglu starts to make up ground.
In the last two sensational laps, Redding defends himself from the Turkish rider, but he cannot do anything against the aggressive overtaking at the last corner.
P4 - A solid start for Michael Rinaldi allows him to recover four positions. The race pace, however, is not particularly brilliant and on lap 10 Locatelli (Yamaha) manages to overtake him. Rinaldi finishes fourth taking 13 points that get him closer to fourth place in the championship standings.

Race-1 results

P1 - T. Razgatlioglu (Yamaha)
P2 - S. Redding (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati)
P3 - A. Locatelli (Yamaha)
P4 - M. Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati)
P5 - A. Bassani (Ducati)

Championship Standings

P1 - J. Rea (Kawasaki) 243
P2 - T. Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) 231
P3 - S. Redding (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati) 182
P4 - A. Lowes (Kawasaki) 130
P5 - M. Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati) 124

Scott Redding (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati #45)
"I can't be disappointed with this second place because it's still an important result also for the World Championship standings. If I have to be honest, though, I think Toprak's maneuver was very aggressive. But these are races, maybe tomorrow I'll have to be more aggressive too. In any case it was a good race. The feeling with the bike was really good. I'll try to do better tomorrow".

Michael Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati #21)
"I'm satisfied with this result especially because we were coming from a not easy period. The beginning of this weekend was quite complicated too, but the team has done a great job, facing the difficulties without never giving up; today we made great progress and this is the right direction: now we will work on the data we have collected to try to do better tomorrow".

The Aruba.it Racing - Ducati Team closes the weekend in Most (Czech Republic) - sixth round of the 2021 WorldSBK season - with an extraordinary success of Scott Redding (also P2 in the morning Superpole Race) and with the convincing race of Rinaldi who recovers 5 positions and finishes fifth.
Here are the highlights.

Superpole Race

P2 - Despite a not perfect start, Scott Redding is able to recover two positions in the first two corners and to stay close to the leading group. After overtaking Locatelli (Yamaha), with three laps to go Redding successfully attacks Rea (Kawasaki) overtaking him at the beginning of the last lap. Thanks to this move, he secures precious second place.
P10 - Starting from the eighth position, Michael Rinaldi doesn’t manage to keep a constant pace, dropping out of the leading group. Halfway through the race, he is overtaken by Bassani (Ducati) and Bautista (Honda) and he has to settle for P10.

Superpole Race Results

P1 - T. Razgatlioglu (Yamaha)
P2 - S. Redding (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati)
P3 - J. Rea (Kawasaki)
P4 - A. Locatelli (Yamaha)
P5 - T. Sykes (BMW)
P10 - M. Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati)


P1 - Scott Redding is very determined and on the fourth lap takes the lead after passing first Locatelli (Yamaha) then Razgatlioglu (Yamaha). The English rider’s race is flawless: he claims a clear victory by detachment, reducing the gap from the leader of the standings Rea (Kawasaki). On the podium, Scott Redding surprises everyone by proposing to his girlfriend Jacey. Congratulations Scott!
P5 - Michael Rinaldi has to start from the tenth position. His race pace grows steadily and at the ninth lap, the Italian rider overtakes Haslam (Honda) and Sykes (BMW) with a spectacular maneuver. Rinaldi chases Lowes, catching him with 3 laps to go and eventually securing a precious fifth place.

Race-2 Results

P1 – S. Redding (Aruba.it Racing – Ducati)
P2 – T. Razgatlioglu (Yamaha)
P3 – J. Rea (Kawasaki)
P4 – A. Locatelli (Yamaha)
P5 – M. Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing – Ducati)

Championship Standings

P1 – J. Rea (Kawasaki) 266
P2 – T. Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) 263
P3 – S. Redding (Aruba.it Racing – Ducati) 216
P4 – A. Lowes (Kawasaki) 143
P5 – M. Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing – Ducati) 135

Scott Redding (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati #45)
"I had a lot of emotions both in my head and in my heart. I only had one goal and that was to win for Jacey, for Brad (Jones), for myself. It was a very positive weekend even though I was a little upset yesterday with how the race ended. But it's clear that hot reactions can be wrong sometimes. The championship standings? I don't want to think in those terms. I just want to get the most out of every race. Then we'll do the math at the end of the season."

Michael Rinaldi (Aruba.it Racing - Ducati)
"It was a positive race overall. Unfortunately, the result of the Superpole Race compromised our chances of fighting for the podium. At the beginning of the race, I didn't have enough grip to push as hard as I could, but from the middle of the race the feeling improved and I was able to pass Haslam and Sykes to catch Lowes, too. I'm relatively satisfied even though it's clear that we have to work to be faster. I would like to congratulate Scott for the beautiful victory and for his proposal to Jacey".


Race results

Pos.Nr.DriverBikeTime-gap to Leader
1 45 S. Redding Panigale V4 R 1:32.415
2 54 T. Razgatlioglu YZF R1 3.587
3 1 J. Rea ZX-10RR 12.460
4 55 A. Locatelli YZF R1 15.206
5 21 M. Rinaldi Panigale V4 R 19.479
6 22 A. Lowes ZX-10RR 19.901
7 60 M. van der Mark M1000RR 20.034
8 31 G. Gerloff YZF R1 20.250
9 66 T. Sykes M1000RR 24.043
10 19 A. Bautista CBR1000 RR-R 25.257
11 91 L. Haslam CBR1000 RR-R 29.203
12 7 C. Davies Panigale V4 R 38.396
13 53 T. Rabat Panigale V4 R 41.674
14 3 K. Nozane YZF R1 45.843
15 23 C. Ponsson YZF R1 54.144
16 94 J. Folger M1000RR 54.354
17 32 I. Vinales ZX-10RR 1:05.085
18 98 K. Hanika YZF R1 1:08.662
19 17 M. Fritz YZF R1 1:12.286
20 84 L. Cresson ZX-10RR 1:12.374
21 14 J. Uribe ZX-10RR 1 Runde
DNF 47 A. Bassani Panigale V4 R 1:32.911
DNF 52 A. Delbianco CBR1000 RR-R 1:33.434

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